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Booking request and further information:

If we have inspired you to come visit Lapland and you would like to spend your vacation at one of the Lappland Dream houses (what we hope we did!), feel free to send us your booking request directly via email. Please fill in the form marked below and include the time you wish to stay here at Lappland Dream. You can also make a booking request at one of the travel agencies which offers our program. Additionally, you can also always call us directly.

Please fill in the marked boxes. They are mandatory for your booking request. Further information are optional for you to fill out.

Please fill in or correct your information.

We will certainly be of your assistance if you have any questions – any time. We would be more than happy to welcome you warmly in Finnish Lapland soon!

Address in Germany:

Frank and Trautel Merkel
Uhlandstr. 14
D-69493 Hirschberg

Tel.: +49 (0)179 / 70 74 615
Fax.: +49 (0)62 04 / 97 01 78

Address in Finnland:

Lauri and Anna Temmes
Kerässiepintie 197
99300 Muonio
Suomi / Finnland

Tel.: +358 (0)40 / 8213 587 (Anna Temmes)
Tel.: +358 (0)40 / 5484 575 (Lauri Temmes)
Fax: +358 (0)165 / 333 91