Most recent questions

One of our principles is to answer all of your questions individually. However, during the last couple of years, a couple reoccurring questions have evolved. You will find these questions and their answers below.

However, please do not hesitate to send us and email or give us a call directly. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions, needs and concern directly.

What is the destination / Which is the airport we are flying in to?

You will take a plane from Helsinki to Kittilä. From there it is another 45 minutes with the rental car to the villas. During the summer you can also fly into Rovaniemi. From there it is a 2 hour car ride until you get to Lappland Dream.

How about medical care?

Several Doctor’s offices are situated in Muonio and Kittilä. Both towns also offer small hospital wards and pharmacies. Minor injuries and health issues can easily be taken care of here. If you need further assistance, please contact Lauri and Anna for help.

What exactly is taken care of?

During the winter time you will be fully equipped with artic clothes equipment and skies, poles and shoes for cross-country skiing. You will also find snow shoes for you to try them out. But be aware: it is a really challenging workout!

What is the currency in Finland?

Finland belongs to Europe and their currency is also Euro. However, if you are looking for completing your Euro-collect don’t be disappointed: the 1 and 2 cent coins are not in circulation. You can only buy them in special packages to according collector’s prizes.

Do you take credit cards at Lappland Dream?

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. You can transfer the money or pay cash once you get to Lappland Dream. ATMs are situated in Levi and Muonio.

How about the self-catering?

Within approx. 25 minutes, you will arrive in the city of Munio. Here you will find two very well equipped super markets. Maybe you will not find special delicacies, however, you will certainly find a pretty good variety of all kinds of things – from food to non-food items. If you want to drive to Levi (takes approx. 30 Minutes), you may chose from a bigger variety. However, it will also be more expensive.

How about the mosquitoes – are there really so many of them during the summer time?

Within the last 13 years that we have been to Lapland regularly, we witnessed about 3 very intense phases of mosquitoes. Each phase lasted for about 6 weeks total the most. Besides this, it has certainly always been very tolerable. There should be no worry, since the local mosquito repellents are very helpful.

Are there souvenirs which we need to take back home?

There are several very exclusive and well-known designer trade marks from Finland (Ittala, which produces glas, Hackmann which produces pans and pots). Martiini also produces very excellent Finish knives but also nice silver jewelry and wooden art work. Of course, you will find lots of knickknack to bring back home as souvenirs – it all lies in the eye of the beholder.

Are there good places for lunch or dinner?

The city of Olos is situated within approx.20 minutes. We would recommend two of Oslos restaurants. They offer simple but very good dishes to fair prices. If you drive to Levi (approx. 30 minutes), there is a bigger variety of restaurants to chose from. You can have a simple or a fancy meal - however, don’t expect high-end cuisine.

Is it much more expensive than when we go for dinner or lunch at home?

Of all of the Scandinavian countries, Lapland is known as the land with the fairest prices. However, that does not imply that it is cheap. You should calculate that it is about 10-20 percent more expensive than in Central Europe.

What do we have to pack?

Actually: nothing! Forget everything that you know about usual vacation rentals. Here at Lappland Dreams’ vacation homes you will find anything that you need and anything you can ask for!

We constantly ask our guest for their opinion what might be missing at the houses. If there is anything that is being missed, we add it to our equipment. If you want, you can make yourself fondue or raclette, you can cook your favorite dishes in a wok – all that without bringing any of it, because you will all find it at your Lappland Dream home.

How about towels and clean linen?

Don’t worry and don’t bring any of this. You will find regular towels as well as towels for the sauna at your Lappland Dream home. There are even bathrobes for you in store.

Do we have to buy herbs, oil, toilet paper or dish washing soap?

No, you don’t have to buy any of these things. They are part of the Lappland Dream home equipment and there is no need for you to organize these essentials yourself. It is all part of the package you have booked and, due to our motto, we want you to feel at home. That is why we take care of this, so that you can just relax and enjoy your Lappland Dream experience.

What do we have to pack to „survive“ the arctic cold in Lapland?

Just pack your suitcase in the same way you pack it if you are travelling to Switzerland or Austria for a skiing vacation. The rest is taken care of. We have arctic clothes and head to toe equipment in store for you: special boots, arctic pants and jackets, masks, gloves, hats and helmets.

Do we have to dress up with layers and layers of clothes so we cannot move anymore?

You will be surprised about how fashionable arctic clothing can be! All of the equipment is by the well-known brand Reima. The company produces some of the finest and best clothes for skiing and arctic expeditions.

What about our children?

We also have the same equipment in several children sizes.

What exactly does polar winter mean?

Don‘t be afraid. You will not freeze! It sounds very terrifying to hear of temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below 0. We – family Merkel – usually start freezing at about minus 5 degrees. However, it is different in Lapland. The polar winter is cold, but is a rather dry cold. That is why you can easily go for a nice walk outside even though the thermometer shows 30 degrees below 0 – if there is no wind.

Is the temperature freezing cold from September through March?

No. Temperatures in Lapland are fluctuating. There are days with a low of minus 20 degrees and the next day the temperature can climb back to 0 degrees; or the other way around. It all depends. It has happened that on December 26th, the weather was minus 10 degrees, then a couple days later, on December 31st, it had cooled down to minus 32 degrees and on January 6th, the thermometer showed 5 degrees again. You see, the weather in Lapland is as unpredictable as back home.

Do we just rent a snow mobile and start cruising around?

Due to safety issues, we cannot allow that this easily. The lake can only be toured on certain tracks. To be perfectly safe, you will need a guide when riding the snow mobiles. It is just too dangerous for you to get stuck in the snow by yourself.

What’s the best way to prepare for the cold?

The air in Lapland is very dry. That way your mucous membrane may dry out easily. However, to prepare against that to happen, you can use nose oil to keep the inside of your nose moist. As for your skin, you should use a lotion that does not base on water. The best things to use are cold cream and Vaseline.

Do we necessarily need to rent a car?

You don’t have to rent a car, however, we suggest doing so. We can certainly pick you up at the airport and bring you to your Lappland Dream house; however, the nature in Lapland is too pretty not to explore it. And for the most part: the supermarket is too far away for you to walk.

Where do we rent a car?

We recommend booking a rental car before you arrive in Lapland. At the airport there is no possibility to rent a car. If you book your car in advance, it will await you outside the airport once you get there. The most common rental car services are Avis, Budget, Europcar and Sixt. Our partner TUJA Reisen can also assist you in this matter. (Call +49 (0) 7144-841115)

How do we communicate? In which language?

Stay calm! There is no need for you to take a class in Finish before you get to Lapland. Lauri and Anna know several languages and are fluent in English and German; as most of the Finnish people who live here.

Lauri and Anna are more can welcome to help you out with anything you can ask for.

Are there certain rule which need to be obeyed?

Customs regulations are just the same as everywhere in the European Union as well. Your luggage is being transferred from airport to airport. It is your responsibility what you pack in your suitcase.

Besides that: the Finnish are probably the most European of the Europeans. There will be no passport checks in Finland.

The general entry requirements apply for all non-EU residents.