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Husky sled rider
Husky sled rider
Husky sled rider
Husky sled rider

Husky sled ride

Tour the landscape on a husky sled ride

You are looking for a slow and scenic drive through the beautiful winter landscape of Lapland? Welcome to our guided husky sled rides.

Be prepared, this experience is just what you are imagining. It is not a guide riding the husky sled, it is you! After an introduction you will drive the sled yourself! It is not that hard and really a lot of fun. And even if you experience some minor troubles in the beginning, don’t be afraid: the snow is soft and the guide will be at your side.

The dogs pull the sled through the snow covered landscape and barley ever get tired. During the stops they are anxious to finally get going again. And if you are slightly intimidated by dogs, you will soon enough find out that there is no reason for that. The huskies are very tame and friendly companions.

Enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure and leave reality behind. Like Jack London himself, you will browse through the beautiful winter wonderland and enjoy a meal at the bonfire in the snow.

"Unforgettable" is what all of our guests have said about this tour.

We are more than happy to organize this tour for you. Please let us know in advance.

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