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To avoid the tricky small print...
Our "business conditions"

We have been renting our Lappland Dream vacation houses for 12 years now, always being focused on those guests who are looking for relaxation and peaceful and elegant surroundings in addition to an exciting program for their money. This is what we had in mind when we developed the Lappland Dream concept.

The infamous small print would disharmonize this philosophy. If there is anything which does not meet your expectations, it will be goal to solve this problem immediately. Period.

In return we expect our guests to behave as guests.

With the booking we request 20% as a down-payment. The remaining amount is to be paid three weeks before arrival. All bookings made 28 days or less prior to arrival are subject to full payment immediately. In case, we shall book a flight for you as well, it could be that terms of payment will differ. We will inform you about that in time.

Travel insurance is highly recommended. It can always happen that you have to cancel a vacation due to a major incident which makes you unable to travel. The cancellation fees are as follows: 45 days before arrival: 20%. 44-35 days before arrival: 50%. From day 34 on before arrival: 80%, and on arrival day: 95%. We will gladly provide you with travel insurance forms, if requested. In case of cancellation you will not get any refunds.

We do not accept credit cards. There are several cash points in Muonio and Levi. Most of the attainments within your Lappland Dream booking are part of the deal anyway.

If you need assistance for your bookings, please contact our partner Tuja Reisen. Mrs. Jauss and Mrs. Kling are more than happy to help you with your request and the booking of your flight tickets.

Tel. +49 7144 841115

Due to the fact that Finland is developing more and more into a well-known travel destination, flight tickets should be booked as early as possible. We do not recommend last-minute bookings for your trip to Lappland Dream.

Minimum stay: 7 days beginning Saturday to Saturday. Arrival time: from 5 p.m. / Departure time: 10 a.m.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please ask us or the Temmes family. Lauri and Anna are fluent in English and German and are the absolute authorities on everything there is to know about the houses and this area!

Last, but not least, we have loved our experiences in Lapland since 1998 and since then have had hundreds of satisfied and happy guests (many of whom have become quite the regular visitors of Lappland Dream). After you return back home, with an inner peace and total relaxation, it may happen that you will experience a slight yearning of coming back to Lappland Dream. If this happens, we actually did achieve what we intended!

Frank and Trautel Merkel

Frank and Trautel Merkel
Tel. +49-(0) 1 79 / 70 74 615
Fax.+49-(0) 6204 / 970 178